THE COTTAGER is published five times each year. Our mission is to entertain and inform cottage owners residing in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
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    The Magazine:

    Five times a year The Cottager delivers features that inform, entertain or help cottagers in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario explore lakeside living and the great outdoors. We profile unique cottages and cottagers, and the issues – environmental, social or financial – that affect cottage communities and lifestyles. The Cottager focuses on issues that matter to owners of summer residences as well as full time cottage country residents. We cover everything from real estate trends to building and renovations at the cottage, as well year-round recreation – on and off the water – with articles devoted to boating, fishing, water sports, hiking, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

    Our regular departments highlight the latest in cottage-related products, style and do-it-yourself projects. All that, and a spotlight on a specific cottage country area in every issue.


    What we like: Cottage life can be lively, entertaining, insightful and awe inspiring. “Roughing it” (or living luxuriously) in the great outdoors can bring great challenges and great joys – sometimes on the same day. We’re looking for lively, comprehensive writing, an engaging style coupled with good storytelling, not just relating facts or information.

    Submit story Ideas to the editor by email: Queries can be as brief as a few paragraphs, but must include the story angle and possible sources.

    Writing Assignments:

    Submit completed writing assignments via email to the editor, sent as MS word doc attachments. Please include: a working headline; and deck (2 line synopsis of the story); a sidebar if appropriate, and photo cutlines.

    The Cottager uses Canadian Press Style. If you want to write for The Cottager more than once, PROOFREAD your copy before submitting it.

    Story Length:

    Feature stories range from 1000 to 1500 words. Departments vary from 500 to 800 words.


    Rates vary with the story’s complexity and the writer’s experience. Payment is usually on publication, but payment on acceptance may be arranged if an article is commissioned for a future issue. Payment for photos is also subject to negotiation. The kill fee is usually $50 if a solicited article is unacceptable.


    Digital photos to accompany articles may be emailed to the editor: Photos may be sent as low resolution files for initial selection; but must be available in a high resolution format for publication. Print photos may be mailed to: Editor, C/O The Cottager Magazine, 1313 Border St., Unit 16 Wpg, MB R3H 0X4

    Photos for Lake Takes:

    Formerly known as Cottage Cheese, this department is all about photos of life at your cottage – the kids, the animals (both wild and domestic), fish tales, magical moments, stunning vistas and more. If you have great digital photos depicting cottage life, please send them to us via Please note, there is no payment for these photos.